DIW Comedies & Oddities 1-1

By What's Snappin' Productions (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 16, 2016

This event is a brilliant and funny comedy show brought to you by What's Snappin' Productions, Detroit Imagination Works, and many talented Detroit comedians, their stellar shows (Matt Naas Variety Show, Sean May with Rock-O-Matic, etc), their improv troupes (The Offbeats, Unicornicopia, Shrag, etc), and other wonderful circus, fire, and musical performance artists from the area. Detroit Imagination Works, INC* has the goal to bring together different types of performance art in Detroit that may not have had the opportunity otherwise. So we're joining creative cultures together to raise funds to fuel our 2016 city outreach and art collective projects. So, with no further adeiu, What's Snappin' Productions presents: DIW - Comedies & Oddities! 

The ticket for the 8pm Show includes this powerhouse lineup:
Match: The Improv Team (
Rock-O-Matic (
The Matt Naas Variety Show (

(Pay an additional $10 at the door to stay for the 11pm block - availability allowing.)

The ticket for the 11pm Show includes a variety of interesting and unique formats:
The Offbeats
Stand-up by Tam White, Ellen Stachowicz, Diego Attanasio, Michael Babbish, Loyd Digg, Brittany Shute, & Andy French
Music by DJ Glitter Magik (

*DIW, INC is a new non-profit organization seeking to join the forces of various art communities to each other, that may not have worked together without a little push! By doing so, we can enhance support, awareness, encouragement, and accessibility of the arts to the citizens of Detroit. We hope to expose people to all the opportunities they could ever imagine, and reveal to them possibilities they could never know, otherwise. We aim to be the good we want to see in the world by nurturing healthy self-expression, creative problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Community outreach, charity support, and providing art materials and education are our main focuses. For more information, check us out, and see how you can get involved!


Please keep it down while shows are going on.

No smoking inside the building.

Please refrain from wandering outside of the event area.

Drugs and outside alcohol are strictly NOT ALLOWED to be sold or consumed at the event, or at the Tangent Gallery. This will be enforced! Have respect for the venue, and your fellow patrons!

What's Snappin' Productions